Support to academics

Our support to academics: Access to Unique Data, Unique Insights and Feedback from business and research practitioners.

Access to Unique Data
On behalf of the data partners of the AiMark Foundation (GfK, Kantar Worldpanel, IRIWorldwide and others), we are willing to support top academic research with data, at no cost (commercial value usually between €50,000 – €2,000,000). Data will be provided based on our Call for Proposal procedure.

Covering more than 50 countries, basic data from household and retail scanning up to marketing mix and mind metric data for advanced modeling. We provide data ‘as it is’, meaning that we depend on the way the local research institutes have collected data in the past. Please click here for an overview of the market, consumer, and retail data support. We advise, before you start writing your proposal, having contact with our Partner Manager AiMark Program & Member Services. We will be able to inform you in detail about specific availabilities.

Datasets available:
·         Database Type 1 (Basic data, what happens in the market)
From scanning household panels. The Europanel network operates in up to 54 countries consumer household panels (samples from n = 2,000 up to > 95,000 per country), tracking the consumer purchase behavior of FMCG products. In the main markets these continuous panels are based on scanning technology (e.g. ConsumerScan, Worldpanel, etc). You will be able to analyze data at the respondent level, taking into account detailed brand and retail outlet information (but  you have to anonimize your results in your publications).
This data provides insights into the performance of brands, categories and markets in terms of e.g. volumes, values, pricing, penetration, buying frequency and loyalty. Since ‘profiles’ of the panel members are known, ‘socio demographics’ profiles on age, income, region, lifecycle, etcetera are also available. Based on the specification of your proposal we can create tailor made databases.
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From scanning retail panels. Our data partner SymphonyIRI could provide retail scanning data for the FMCG market in multiple countries. Our data partner GfK Retail & Technology could provide data for many non-FMCG markets, like durables and services. Please keep in mind you will not be allowed to analyze at individual store level. We will provide aggregated datasets with time series of volume or value sales of brands, brand groups etcetera and in some cases including marketing mix measures.
·         Database Type 2 (Reason why)
To understand further the key drivers of consumer purchase behavior we collect from different sources and add these to database Type 1:
          promotional data;
          advertising data;
          attitudinal and ‘ad hoc’ data (e.g. our Global Brand Assessment Center, evaluating up to 100 categories and thousands of brands);
          trading zone data;
          country characteristics (like trade structure, culture, economics, etc.);
          data of top 16 international retailers;
          mind metric data;
          …and more (spin offs from projects carried out in the past).
The availability of this type of data varies a lot between countries and categories. Please consult us first before submitting your Call for Proposal.
Terms and Conditions
Usually, we provide the data to acknowledged academics free of charge. Our Call for Proposal procedure stipulates our Terms and Conditions. Our key criterion for granting new data is that you demonstrate trust: in delivering breakthrough new academic learnings and respecting the interests of our data partners.

Access to Unique (unpublished) Insights
Members of our community have developed many analytical tools and guidelines to help academics analyse the data. Furthermore, our members have developed many frameworks, insights and guidelines to help business practitioners implement our leading-edge knowledge into their businesses. You will have access to these insights, most of them in the ‘pipe-line of the publishing process’.

Access to Feedback from business and research practitioners
Members of our community are willing to help you and give feedback and new inputs on your research findings and views.