Submit your proposal!

We prefer to receive pre-proposals first. The pre-proposal is a letter that outlines the topics to be studied and the researchers’ preliminary research questions and approach. It is intended to elicit AiMark’s reaction to the topic and research concept before the researcher invests substantial time in writing a full proposal. Nevertheless, the more complete the thinking in the pre-proposal, the more likely it is to receive encouragement and constructive comments. If there is any question about whether a project fits the AiMark priorities, or about the research ability of the topic, a pre-proposal should be the first step in applying for AiMark support. In such cases, academics are also encouraged to contact Alfred Dijs.

There is no required standard format for full pre- and proposals, although clarity and brevity are appreciated. Proposals of 8-12 pages are usually the most effective. Proposals should include:

  • A one-page summary
  • A background section giving a brief review of the relevant literature and a statement of why the proposed research is expected to contribute to knowledge and improve business practice
  • A list of research questions, models, or hypotheses describing the issues to be studied, the researchers’ initial insights or beliefs, and what should be learned from the study
  • A description of research design and methodology
  • A timetable, including key milestones as well as an expected completion date
  • Support needs (Note: AiMark will not grant cash requests).
  • A statement of expected outcomes or new knowledge, such as a new definition or framework, a new methodology, a better understanding of how key variables affect the marketing process, or new information to assist managers in making better marketing decisions
  • A statement of acceptance to our terms of support.
  • Vita(e) of the researcher(s)