Program Committee

Every Quarter the AiMark Program Committee will review and grant new research initiatives.

The “operating principles” for granting support to academic projects are the following.

  • You issue a well documented pre- or proposal, including the required level of data support, to the AiMark Program Committee, p/a Alfred M. Dijs, Director Knowledge Management and Transfer We advise you to consult Alfred before you issue your proposal, especially on the expected levels of data support. Send him an e-mail, and he will line up a conference call.
  • Every Quarter (March, June, September and December) four Members of our Program Committee will review all new proposals (2 academics, 1 individual from Europanel and 1 from a brand manufacturer).
  • This group of 4 members will review your Proposal based on a set of criteria. Click here lo learn more.
  • The outcome of this review will be a Rejection of your request, an Acceptance or an Invitation to Discuss (in this case your request may still be accepted, but needs further clarification).
  • If your Proposal is accepted, we will send you a “Support Agreement” containing details as the level of data support, planning, confidentiality and your obligations towards the AiMark community. Click here to learn more.
  • Please note that given the capacity of the AiMark network and the time-intensive nature of data provision, only a limited number of proposals can be accepted each year.