Our Executive Committee / Staff  

In 2008 we implemented a formal legal structure to include selected academic and business trustees at corporate level from leading FMCG manufacturers and retailers.

The new AiMark Executive Committee of this legal not-for-profit structure is:

  • Prof. Raimund Wildner (chairman)
  • Prof. Jan-Benedict Steenkamp (executive director)
  • Margret Schuit (treasurer)
  • Helen Passingham-Hughes (chief marketing officer and vice chairman)
  • Alfred Dijs (chief operation officer)

Alfred Dijs is responsible for all day-to-day activities, staff and network of the AiMark community.

The staff of AiMark are:

  • Alfred Dijs (chief operation officer)
  • Bernadette van Ewijk (partner manager AiMark program & member services)
  • Claudia Gaspar (liaison with the GfK verein community)
  • Dr. Katrijn Gielens (data and project administrator)
  • Constant Berkhout (Global Insights Director)
  • Peter Gouw MM (liaison with the business community)
  • Huub Haarbosch (financial controller)
  • Dr. Oliver Koll (liaison with the business community)
  • Danny Mertens (IT manager)
  • Lisa White (event manager)

The AiMark Institute is a not-for-profit foundation, registered in the Netherlands, Middellaan 25, Dongen (a small village, near the Tilburg University).