Company Membership

AiMark: Become part of the Marketing Knowledge Innovators

We would very much like to invite you to become a company member of AiMark. AiMark is the center for Advanced International Marketing Knowledge. The focus of AiMark is on knowledge innovation within FMCG consumer marketing in Europe, with the USA as benchmark. AiMark is a non-profit cooperation between a network of leading marketing academics and consumer research practitioners.

AiMark started in 1999. Until this year, the network has been represented by leading FMCG oriented academics and FMCG consumer information providers, most particularly Europanel and its owners GfK and Kantar Worldpanel.

Together we have run and regularly updated a number of major international studies into topics like innovation, private labels and discounters. Our academic network is widely published in top journals and we have started a series of business-focussed summaries.

We are currently implementing a formal structure to include selected business trustees at corporate level from leading FMCG manufacturers and retailers.

Benefits for business trustees – Competitive Advantage through Knowledge Head Start

The key benefit of trusteeship is that it provides an effective, early access way to keep up-to-date on the latest thinking and practice in European FMCG consumer marketing. Every year, AiMark will organize a mini summit on a topic chosen by the trustee.

Business trustees that join AiMark enjoy this strategic competitive advantage. AiMark is driven by the mutual vision that the long-term driver for business success is in-depth understanding of the consumer (local and international), the continuous incorporation of this knowledge into the business and translation into innovative strategy and tactics.

As a member of AiMark, your company may appoint up to 5 trustees. These trustees enjoy the privileges below. They can:

  • Attend the annual AiMark Summit where leading academics and practitioners will contribute the latest research insights and provide the opportunity for networking on key business issues.
  • Be part of a select ‘brainstorm’ community that steers the direction of new AiMark research programmes, so that valuable academic research matches your business needs. The results of each annual ‘brainstorm’ will be discussed and finalized at the annual summit.
  • Attend quarterly web-based presentations on the latest papers and research work, so you can have a head start in applying the newest insights.
  • Access the wealth of applicable knowledge contained in AiMark’s eLibrary of conference papers; currently over 300 academic papers and summaries of key take-aways on FMCG business challenges.
  • Gain fast ’virtual‘ consultative access to the academic network to get insightful answers to specified individual business questions.
  • Become a ’programme sponsor‘ to drive individual projects with the AiMark network on key company issues.

Investment for Business Trustees – € 9,200

We are inviting selected companies operating in the FMCG business in Europe to become AiMark Business Trustees. Company membership is € 9,200 (exl. VAT) per year and covers appointment of up to 5 business trustees.

We would like to invite you and your company to become a business trustee of AiMark and work with us to build new marketing knowledge for effective use in the FMCG business. Please contact Mr Richard Herbert on richard.herbert AT (to prevent spam, please retype the address with @).

Prof. Jan-Benedict E.M. Steenkamp
Executive Director AiMark
C. Knox Massey Distinguished Professor of Marketing and
Marketing Area Chair Kenan-Flagler Business School, UNC-Chapel Hill, USA

Richard Herbert
Chief Marketing Officer AiMark / Global Insight Director Europanel, London, GB